Thursday, January 05, 2012

Books 2012

So the first book I've read in the new year was Janet Evanovich's "Explosive Eighteen". Unsurprisingly the eighteenth novel in her Stephanie Plum series.

Way back Tiffany brought home the first book "One for the money", which coincidentally comes out in movie form this month. For some reason I imagine we'll be going to that one.

Anyway, she says "here, read this book its funny". With that kind of ringing endorsement how could I refuse. Although I do refuse many, like most of the other books she says that I should read. She's a big chick lit fan which I haven't really gotten into, yet. I did however read that one and eighteen books later and they've kind of hit the wall. No knock on Janet. The books still move along briskly and hit all the right notes at the right times, but after 18 of them I can pretty much plot out the entire book before I read it. Might be time to switch it up ever so slightly.

These books are pure fluff and are really just there to kill or fill some time. (Just over two hours from start to finish for this one. I had to ignore the dishes somehow). The series is starting to bug me because each book seems like it should really just be a chapter. The characters are the same at the end of the book as they were at the beginning. Maybe I'm just being a literary snob for expecting characters to grow and change over the course of 18 books, but hey that's just me. A definition of a literary journey in a novel, the protagonist goes through a series of events that changes their core self by the end of the story reaching profound conclusions about the world and universe and their place in it. In Stephanie Plum novels she blows up a few cars by accident and is torn between two hot men. Funny, but formulaic.
I can't wait for the next one!