Saturday, January 17, 2009

I feel no compulsion to share everything I do on the internet in order for people who hardly know me read the intimate details of my boring everyday life. My wife however does however, for that reason it has now become behooving of me to put something on this electronic billboard of boredom.
I started with a name change. No longer being the president of a very small company it hardly seems fitting to keep the former name. And generally I’m in a better mood since I work way less so I have little to lament about. In keeping with the family friendly nature of the world wide web I’ll try to curb the nudity and profanity although I can’t guarantee there will be none over the course of my interest in this undertaking. Please keep your hands and feet inside during the duration of the ride and also your comments. I will mock them incessantly.

Be warned, some things on here may disturb you greatly. Then I’ll talk about something other than my kids and really freak you out.