Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few things about my wife

1. She's such a good looking woman. Denies this to the point of being silly. She says that I'm a smart guy but then assures me I don't know what I'm talking about when I say she's beautiful. I do know, and you are.

2. She is a great mother to our children and they adore her. Daddy can be holding either child and if mommy walks anywhere within seeing distance they start to lean towards her so she has to reach out and take them. They don't lean for daddy like that. Unless I have a cookie.

3. Claims to have no hobbies. Have you read her blog. Reads pretty good, like someone who had a knack for writing and could consider it a hobby. Could parlay her "blogging" hobby into something like "writing a novel" hobby. Just for kicks. Be better then what I come up with. (Unless I write a book first)

4. Be assured, your command of the English language is wrong! We do however have the best looking English teacher around to correct that problem for you. No need to thank her, she's just doing her job. (and lookin damn fine doin it to!)

5. She downplays this a lot, but Tiffany is really smart. Really. She has two degrees. One, two. Oh, how many do you have? Oh yeah that's right. ( Make a zero with your hand here if applicable)

6. She ah make ah me fat with her a tasty cooking.

7. She majorly turns me on.

8. Her cute little giggle when she thinks she's being funny.

9. She'll want me to post more on here and be all annoyed when I don't. Cause saying I love you in real life everyday doesn't count unless it's been posted about.

10. I will tell her I love her before we turn out the lamp tonight.

you think you don't need me huh?

Steven thinks he doesn't need a guest blogger. I'll show him. He needs me like the crops need the rain.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

hello, tiffany here!

I figured that this blog was getting a little stale, so I have taken it upon myself to be a guest contributor. Steven doesn't actually know this yet, but since I know all his passwords and stuff I figured he must have assumed something like this would happen eventually!

Some stuff about Steven?
  1. he's very handsome. Especially lately - he's gotten some sun, so his skin is all golden/bronze and his hair has lightened, even his eyebrows. You should have seen him when I told him he was looking especially good lately. It's so cute, he tries to play it cool but he instantly turns 10 shades pinker. It's adorable!
  2. he's a pretty good dad. Ask Jordan, today she told me that she didn't love me, only daddy. Figures. See if she gets any dinner.
  3. he plays guitar pretty darn good. He used to be even better, before "the girlfriend" came along. And then "those kids."
  4. he can never complete a project without first somehow finding a dozen mini-projects that need doing in order to start the original project. I bet you think this isn't frustrating at all! But it is one of the cute things he does that makes me both sigh and love him.
  5. he reads a lot. Lots of it useless, some entertaining - but everything he reads he reads it FAST!
  6. he makes a mean pan of cannelloni
  7. he's majoring in philosophy
  8. he's going to turn 10 shades pinker when he reads this
  9. he's going to pretend like he's all annoyed, and threaten to change his passwords, but he won't.
  10. he'll tell me he loves me before I turn off the lamp tonight.

Hmmm, I wonder how long it'll take him to realize I'm on here? You'll notice it's been FOREVER since he's actually blogged. lol.