Monday, October 01, 2012

The Garage.

So I finally decided to get busy in my garage and cover the floor with this fancy epoxy paint that I bought two years ago and then promptly piled in the garage with many other projects and let it gather dust. Turns out it says to use the product when the temperature is at least fifteen degrees, and at the beginning of  I could be running out of nice warm days to do this task, this year. So over the course of last week I moved everything to one side of our double garage and then swept and vacuumed and washed and rinsed and rinsed again. Then hurriedly on Saturday I rolled paint as fast as I could with three kids cheering me on. This stuff sets up fast after an hour if your not done the paint decides to be done for you. Tiffany had doubts as to whether this was a worthwhile project to do. As I think she feels about all things I want to do. She did come around after the finished floor looked just so damn good. Now the bigger side is drying after a rinse and repeat. Tomorrow is paint day for it. Since the temps are sure to drop soon. I even bought more just to make sure I could cover the whole side since it's a little larger area than the first side. Last thing I want is to run out halfway across the floor. Then after that side is finished I can concentrate on finally putting together the ugly drum smoker I'm building. Tif really rolls her eyes at that one.

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Tiffany said...

The garage floor does look good but the ugly drum smoker is . . . well . .. ugly. lol