Tuesday, October 01, 2013

First rule of home renovations

Always, and constantly remind yourself that it will indeed be a lot better than it was at the beginning. This is for sure to be the case since I am  updating the horrible, horrible job done previously by an army of trained monkeys. Trained for what I'm not sure. Not construction. Not framing, not hvac, not window installation. Maybe nosepicking. Random hammering. There was a great quantity of nails in the subfloor, on top of a deck. That was crooked. And not level. I admit, I'm learning a great deal doing this myself. Mostly that for 60 grand I can do it myself and save a shit ton of money.

 I should pick up a guitar one of these days. Else I might forget how to play the damn thing.

If I write another post tomorrow I'll beat last years record. One. Woohoo.

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